Settled Life by DMIT

I am already settled in my life. Why do I need DMIT Test? Well you do. The results would help you understand yourself better, discover your potential, learning style and multiple intelligences. This will allow you to harness your strengths and become better at whatever you are currently doing. It also helps in preparing your Read more about Settled Life by DMIT[…]

DMIT is for Everyone

Who should get the DMIT done? UDANN recommends that every person should get his/her DMIT done. You may be wondering, Why? Just ask yourself, Do you have a clear sense of who you are and what are unexplored capabilities your mind? Developmentally, our mind wrestles with “finding ourselves and our perfect future” as teens and Read more about DMIT is for Everyone[…]

5 Benefits of Career Counseling to Students

There are many benefits of career counseling to evaluate. Career counseling at Udann helps you choose a career field based on your qualifications and interests. The choice of a right career can fulfill not only your dreams but you can become whatever you want to be in life. We have to say that every student Read more about 5 Benefits of Career Counseling to Students[…]