Settled Life by DMIT

I am already settled in my life. Why do I need DMIT Test?

Well you do. The results would help you understand yourself better, discover your potential, learning style and multiple intelligences. This will allow you to harness your strengths and become better at whatever you are currently doing. It also helps in preparing your future plans in terms of job change or profile change etc. It can be one of the guiding lights for your entire life, both professionally and personally. It can also help you be better at relationships.

Check this list for signs if you’re settling for less than you deserve.

1. You are always tired

If you get eight hours of sleep and are otherwise healthy, you shouldn’t be tired at one o’clock in the afternoon. Excitement about life gives you energy. If you get tired early in the day or have trouble getting out of bed, your life isn’t giving you the excitement and energy you need to make it through the day. You’re bored. DMIT at Udann helps you to explore your hidden passion.

2. You keep saying “after”

You delay going after your dream until after this happens or after that happens because you are afraid you’re going to fail. You believe that if you don’t start, you can’t fail. That’s a great way to avoid failure, but a terrible way to live a satisfying life. The time is never going to be perfect. Those dreams come true which are worked on with open eyes. Udann helps you to check if your dream matches to your mind’s potential. Act now! Come for DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) .

3. You rip on successful people

You hate other people only because they have achieved something — their lifestyle, their money, their relationships. You think people who have succeeded are greedy, lucky or dishonest. In fact, they have worked towards their goal keeping their own strengths and weaknesses clear in mind. You should STOP settling for less, and START your well planned success. Your mind believes the lie that success is for greedy, lucky and dishonest people. Since you are probably none of those things, your subconscious mind is learning that success is not for you. Celebrate other people’s success, its good. And with DMIT at Udann make sure that next celebration is yours.

4. You are playing small and you think it’s OK

You tell yourself that settling for less is OK. You make up silly excuses for why it’s OK to keep playing small. You believe that playing small is safer and more practical. At the end of your life, do you want to reflect on how safely you played the game? Play the game to win. You might lose if you are unclear about mind’s potential. Mind activation is a key of winning. Hence, DMIT at Udann is your guide to success.

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