Helping Young Students Shape Suitable Futures – UDANN Career Counselling

The best place from where young teens aspire reliable career advise is their secondary schools. Doubtless, secondary school occupies an important place in a teenager’s life; as many facets of boy’s as well as girl’s life, are associated with it. Both (his/her) personality and ideology of life begins evolving in secondary school. Teenagers start evolutive social skills and most importantly, a student’s knowledge pool expands at school.
“Secondary school students need Career Counselling the most.” This is because in secondary schools young students are introduced to a range of subjects which they can select and put the first brick of their career. They choose their colleges and universities where they can go to and the profession in which they can enter. We need to discuss about different subject combinations and describe to them what the job market looks like. They need to know which professions are in demand and which fields have saturated, so as they put right bricks to success in their bright future and career.

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