DMIT is for Everyone

Who should get the DMIT done?

UDANN recommends that every person should get his/her DMIT done. You may be wondering, Why?

Just ask yourself, Do you have a clear sense of who you are and what are unexplored capabilities your mind?

Developmentally, our mind wrestles with “finding ourselves and our perfect future” as teens and young adults. Then we often revisit these questions in middle age. It’s both normal and essential to seek right path now for making our future and career perfect. This is possible when we have self-understanding based on right facts about all facets of our mind. In order to excel ourselves and establish desired career, we need to understand who we are and what are unexplored capabilities of our mind. A sorted mind helps us to navigate life and brings meaning to our experiences. Without it, we face “failures.”

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) in UDANN is for you to brings in light all your capabilities, which your mind already has in it, but yet are unexplored and unpolished.

You need help of career counselors of Udann when you are making important decision about your career life based on DMIT.
Our experts provide personal Career Counseling in Delhi- NCR and the Phone counseling can be availed by anyone across India.

  • You are in Class 9th – 10th and you have to choose the right stream or subjects for class 11th.
  • You are in class 11th – 12th and thinking about the right course after 12th.
  • You are pursuing graduation and are confused whether you have made the right career choice..
  • You are about to finish your graduation and are thinking about higher education options.
  • You are about to finish your graduation and are thinking about whether to go for job or higher education and if job then what job and where.
  • You are working for the past 2-3 or more years and feel that career growth would need may be some more qualifications and skills or are stuck in a job and want to make a switch to some other interesting area.

All these and many more situations, when you feel puzzled about the career choice or course decision, you can go for online career counseling.

In true sense you get your flight at Udann. To soar high now, Just contact us and Book an Appointment

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