Your Child’s Future lies in his Fingerprints

Studying genetic coding via fingerprint mapping, researchers can find out precisely what your child can grow up to be. Generic aptitude and personality tests are passé. Now there’s a new method of evaluating one’s inborn intelligences through simple biometrics, where fingerprints hold the key to your future. The concept is being touted as the next Read more about Your Child’s Future lies in his Fingerprints[…]

Stop Worrying

How to Stop Worrying about Your Kids Future? Even if you’re a perfect women, you probably worry about your kids. And although that worry will probably continue after your child turns 18, there are ways to manage the fears and anxieties that tend to consume us on a daily basis. Put things in perspective: “Worry Read more about Stop Worrying[…]

DMIT after 10th

DMIT Test after 10th Class

Confused about which Stream to Choose in School after 10th Class Your choice of streams post your 10th class would greatly determine how your career shape out. Many of the students who pass matriculation realize later in life that they have made a blunder of a choice and are stuck with the options available or Read more about DMIT Test after 10th Class[…]

DMIT Test for 10th class and 12th

DMIT Test for 10th and 12th Students

Age group: 14 years to 17 years is important primitive stage of career. Estimates show that 70% of school-aged students face Study problem, and there after problem in choosing right stream. This may be the stage where one can decide with regards to your careers. Science Maths Arts Commerce and all other streams are good, Read more about DMIT Test for 10th and 12th Students[…]

Settled Life by DMIT

I am already settled in my life. Why do I need DMIT Test? Well you do. The results would help you understand yourself better, discover your potential, learning style and multiple intelligences. This will allow you to harness your strengths and become better at whatever you are currently doing. It also helps in preparing your Read more about Settled Life by DMIT[…]

DMIT is for Everyone

Who should get the DMIT done? UDANN recommends that every person should get his/her DMIT done. You may be wondering, Why? Just ask yourself, Do you have a clear sense of who you are and what are unexplored capabilities your mind? Developmentally, our mind wrestles with “finding ourselves and our perfect future” as teens and Read more about DMIT is for Everyone[…]

Best Career Counseling DMIT Test Center in Preet Vihar, Delhi

One mistake most of people do in selecting subject and career, we follow someone who is successful in that field and mostly is in our acquaintance. We all know that reaching to the top of the career requires talent and passion. Proper career guidance will help to have a healthy and stress-free adolescence time, and Read more about Best Career Counseling DMIT Test Center in Preet Vihar, Delhi[…]

How Can I Improve My Parenting Skills?

Good parenting skills are always acquired with time. In order to become the best parent one has to first of all know all details about his/her child and positively keep learning. So take your first step towards being the ‘best parent’ and understand the suggested ways which can help improve your parental skills. Top 7 Read more about How Can I Improve My Parenting Skills?[…]

5 Benefits of Career Counseling to Students

There are many benefits of career counseling to evaluate. Career counseling at Udann helps you choose a career field based on your qualifications and interests. The choice of a right career can fulfill not only your dreams but you can become whatever you want to be in life. We have to say that every student Read more about 5 Benefits of Career Counseling to Students[…]

Searching for Best DMIT Center Nearby?

Whether you are in Preet Vihar or in Geeta Colony or in Shakarpur, Udann DMIT Career Counselling center is best for you. Easy to reach land marks nearby are Walia Nursing Home and Laxmi Nagar Church.  If you are in Priyadarshani Vihar or in Vijay Chowk or in DDA Park or in Ramesh Park or Read more about Searching for Best DMIT Center Nearby?[…]